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Posted in Generously by Michelle Genereux on January 26th, 2017

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Photograph by Susan Diersen

Open the door,

Take my hand,

You will not be left in the dark.


The waves are crashing…and the wind howls.

The boat is sinking,

As you fall under the water.


Open the door,

And you’ll be lifted up out of the dark, the confusion,

The ground will rest at your feet and your eyes will open.


Deeper into the water,

The darkness grows and the light retreats back into the sky,

More and more blankets of water pile on you,

Until you can not breathe.


Open the door,

You’re drowning,

I hear the silence through the door,

There’s still time,

My fists hurt from pounding,

There’s still time.


You’ve sunk so deep,

The light is gone,

Only the darkness remains,

You no longer swim but let yourself sink down, down

One more breath….and you’re gone.


Open the door,

Why wouldn’t you open the door?

I was right here, did you not hear me?

I would’ve lifted you up in my arms,

And kept you safe,

But through my fingers you sank.


I cry out,

I love you,

My words echo into darkness.






By Michelle Genereux

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