1. Rights and Exclusivity
    1. MyiLive.com retains a nonexclusive publication right to submissions to be included on their MyiLive.com site. All submissions when published on the MyiLive.com website are immediately shareable on social media and copy-able for electronic sharing by users of the MyiLive.com site. The Myi Corporation retains an ongoing right to keep any accepted submission in their history of published materials and have it available for people to review after its placement on the MyiLive.com site.
    2. Contributors affirm that they are the sole owner of their submitted content and/or have 100% of all the copyrights pertaining to the material being submitted to MyiLive.com. Contributor’s retain all rights and copyrights to their work and contributors are free to submit materials that they have had published elsewhere.
    3. Contributors must possess the appropriate rights to give the Myi Corporation complete permission to publish their submitted content on any of their Myi Corporation websites, social media sites, RSS feeds, emails, newsletters, and to use as a part of any advertising or promotion of Myi Corporation products.
    4. The contributor is solely responsible for assuring the permission for the use of any non-public content contained in their submission.
    5. Where relevant, contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their work. Unattributed use of other people’s work (plagiarism) is unacceptable and is contrary to the mission and beliefs of the Myi Corporation that seeks to honor and respect the original or protected rights of others. The responsibility for any plagiarism rests solely with the contributor’s submitting content to Myi Corporation.
  2. Qualifying Submissions
    1. Contributors must be current Myilive.com members.
    2. All submissions must be in English.
    3. Submissions must not be offensive in any manner and should be in support of the stated goals and beliefs of the Myilive.com site and consistent with affirming the members of the Myilive.com site. Myi Corporation reserves the right (at the sole discretion of the Myilive.com editorial staff) to suspend the Myilive.com membership of contributors whose submitted materials are found to be inappropriate.
    4. While Myi Corporation recognizes a diversity of opinion, submitted materials should generally avoid heavy political, religious, or social issue messages.
  3. Contributor Recognition

    All works published on the MyiLive.com site are identified as coming from a contributor and a link is provided for each contributor to include a picture and description (up to 80 words)…and can include a link to their website or blog. The submitter accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of the information included in the contributor section. All images placed on the MyiLive.com site will have a ribbon on it identifying and recognizing the source of the image.

  4. Merchandise Rights

    MyiLive.com has exclusive rights to create merchandise from works submitted done in conjunction with any Myi Corporation trademarked or published work. If sold with merchandise, Myi Corporation will provide compensation of $1.00 (U.S) per item for any such merchandise sold through their MyiLive.com store.

  5. Alteration/ Modification/ Editing

    While all reasonable efforts will be made to include submitted work in its original form, Myi Corporation retains the right to shorten, edit, correct, or alter submitted work as needed for use by the Myi Corporation. Myi Corporation may modify the title of the submission as needed to work for the format or space available or to benefit site users understanding of the content being presented. Where appropriate, Myi Corporation can make translations of submitted materials for the use of a non-English speaking audience. Myi Corporation may edit out the specific identification of a businesses entity, agency, or individual. Materials that are deemed to be largely promotional in nature will not be published.

  6. Selection

    Materials will be accepted for meeting the criteria established for submissions and can be rejected or not used for any reason as determined by the Myilive.com editorial staff. Myi Corporation does not track down or look-up specific pieces not used or provide feedback on the submissions they receive. Contributors can remove their submissions from the submissions files of the Myilive.com editorial staff by simply deleting their submission from their Myilive Lifebook prior to its publication on the Myilive.com site. Myilive.com retains all submitted works, so please do not resubmit the same work unless delete your original submission from your Lifebook. (You might decide to do this if you wish to change the content or categorization of your original submission.)

  7. Placement

    For purposes of associating submitted work for usage, we ask that submitted work be appropriately tagged for where the submitter believes their work might best be used. Myi Corporation has, however, the right to place the materials under different classifications as they deem appropriate. Submissions may be directly published in the Gallery section of the MyiLive site without being first being published on the main pages of the Myilive.com site.

  8. Promotion

    Submissions that are selected may be promoted via social media channels associated with the Myi Corporation and it’s products, including, but not limited to their social media partners (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest), email, newsletters and listservs. Contributors are encouraged to identify that their work is published on the MyiLive.com site and to provide links to the MyiLive.com site.

  9. Payment

    At this time, while we deeply appreciate the work of those who contribute to our site, we do not offer payment to contributors other than for merchandise sold that is associated with their work, the recognition we offer through our site, and the true gratitude we feel for their contribution.