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Aboutus david

Dave Corp Diersen

David has over 30 years of experience in Finance, Operations, and Marketing. David is considered an expert in targeted generational consumer marketing and is passionate about providing products an...

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Aboutus susan

Susan Diersen

Susan has over 25 years of experience in Public Relations, Sales, Fundraising, and Human Resources. Susan is passionate about wanting to better the lives of others, and as such, is the driving for...

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Michelle Genereux

Michelle has a degree in veterinary technology and has, most recently, worked in the veterinary and health care fields. Prior to that, she worked in the public schools for seven years. She has alwa...

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Jennifer Narr Anderson

Jennifer has been challenged by the justice system to open eyes and educate our communities about what it means to give second chances. Between raising two teenagers, running her nonprofit organiz...

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Jordan Nordby

Jordan is a senior in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University. She believes that there is a lot of beauty in the world if you take the time out of your day to see it. She tries to do this by...

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Morgan Nordby

Morgan is currently a student at Creighton University where she studies environmental science. In her free time, Morgan enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors. Morgan uses photography as a mea...

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Tracy Patterson

I'm a wife, a mom, a friend, a teacher, an adventurer, and a photographer. I love to use my camera to capture the gifts of beauty that are present in each moment, if only we make ourselves availabl...

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Myi staff

Myi Staff

The Myi Staff writers have a passion for writing and sharing content that they believe can help people live life in a generous, deliberate, hopeful, thankful and joyful manner.

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Ron Trutty

My love of travel and gardening provides rich photographic opportunities. Looking through the lens of a camera enables me to see things I wouldn't necessarily notice -taking the familiar and seeing...

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